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ittle History about Triple I.T., We started with one man out of his how with just one computer and the knowledge of computers. We opened the doors back in 2009. When it was called JRJ Computers. In late 2009 JRJ Computer opened up there own computer repair company in the next town over Scottville, MI. Called Jazzy's Computer Repair. In 2010 We change our name to North American Technology and we opened up a few social network sites (Instasplash.org,Facesplash.net) In 2011 the owner got married and they decided to change the name to Triple I.T. and we also opened up our own hosting company's (Hosting25,Airhost) and we are gonna keep adding more services that our customers want or need, you can send us a message at Triple I.T.


We have partnered up with the leader in speedtest technology. Have you ever wonder how fast your network is check it out Here

Our Data Recovery team have recoverd over 10,000GB of data for our customers.

We have been hosting websites for our customer since 2000. Have you been tired of the same old normal hosting check out us at DuoHost.

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