‘Roses Radio – voices saving lives’

– a suicide prevention podcast series

Roses Radio is a suicide prevention podcast series designed to take the stories from courageous people and use them in a way that helps those who are trying to understand suicide, and for many, their own personal experience.  Each podcast has it’s own unique perspective and all encompassing view of suicide irrespective of the place from which you view it.

We embrace different perspectives and scenarios, and bring to you stories of coping, stories of resilience, and stories of inspiration.  These messages are Suicide Prevention in action.

Roses Radio gives people with a lived experience of suicide the opportunity to share their story with a broad audience, safe in the knowledge that their interviewer also has a lived experience.

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Graeme Holdsworth

Depression is an insidious condition, which left untreated can have devastating consequences.

Imbi Pyman

A story that will make any parent take a deep breath and hold their young child a little tighter.

Jason Spaull

Jason opens up about how losing his brother Mark to suicide has forced hum to change his views.

Bronwen Edwards

Bronwen shares the personal journey that lead to her founding Roses in the Ocean.

Justin Geange

The man with the hair speaks candidly about his experience with suicide and his road to a better place.

De Backman-Hoyle

De courageously discusses the lead up to her husband's suicide and how she has turned tragedy into her life's work.

Les Johnson

An inspiring story of local hero the Gunnadoo Cowboy, and the recovery of Grantham community after the 2011 floods.

Mark Davis

Mark discusses losing his partner and the uniques situations same-sex couples face.

Jennifer Jury

Jennifer talks about the importance of workplaces understanding mental health, the impact of a supportive partner, along with the power of a family that really loves unconditionally.

Roma Aloisi

Roma talks candidly about being 'othered' - socially, culturally, and spiritually - following the suicide of her young brother.

Clare Headland

Told with grace and humour, Clare takes us through her childhood journey, the confusion of growing up knowing that something was not right and the struggle to transition to the person that she is today.

Tynan Narywonzyk

The story of a young man who, after a crippling workplace accident, turned his life around through resilience and self-belief.

Andy Marriott

As a police officer for 16 years, and tragically as a father, Andy Marriott has seen the subject of suicide from all perspectives.

Roses Radio update

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